Popsicle CAtering

If you are looking to have something special at your next summer event we have the perfect solution. We have many catering options available wether you are looking for a box of 12 to keep in the freezer at home to a wedding of 200. 



Perfect for cocktail hour when the temperature is still hot and people need a refreshing and fun snack to keep them happy while waiting for diner. We have 3 options available for wedding catering. 

  1. Delivery and Drop - Have a freezer on site that you can keep the popsicles? We will delivery your lot of pops directly to you in out freezer.
  2. Delivery and Freezer - Need us to supply a freezer for you on site? We have you covered with our stainless steel standup freezers that will be delivered to you full of popsicles. 
  3. Delivery with Services - If you are looking for the full package this is your option. One of our staff will come on site, dressed for the occasion to set up and serve popsicles. 
    • Includes 2 hours of service
    • Set up and tear down
    • One server


Popsicles are a staple for summer parties. There just isn't much else that will cool you down on a hot summer day then a cold and frosty all fruit popsicle. Pick up in store or select delivery for orders of 50 or more. 

Ottawa Popsicle Party


Take Home

Want to stock pile a few flavours in the freezer so you can snack away at any time? Send in an order for a take home box and pick it up in store. We highly recommend bringing a cooler filled with ice when picking up as the lack of preservatives in our popsicles means they melt faster then most store bought popsicles.